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"ClickTime cut out three full days of work a month. That's a lot of time. Our jaw dropped."

-Krista Snelling, CFO at Inspire Communities

Answers at Your Fingertips Instant Reports

Nearly 100 pre-built reports make it easy to understand your business. Whether you simply need to see if timesheets were approved or you want to understand long-term project performance, ClickTime has immediate answers to your questions.

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“ClickTime does in an instant what used to take more than a day and a half of work! There's no more double entry of data or time spent building complicated reports.”

—Susanne McGlothlin, Research Administrator at OSHU's Knight Cardiovascular Institute

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Improve Operations An Easier Way to Do What You Do

No matter what type of business you manage — or whether you have two direct reports or 2000 — we empower organizations to work smarter. To work more efficiently. And to understand how to improve their business.

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“ClickTime has changed how we run our business. The combination of centralizing processes and utilizing ClickTime has saved our employees 15% of their time.”

—Elisa Morimoto, Director of Operations at House of Blues Music Forward Foundation

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Simple Mobile Apps Snap a Photo — And Your Expenses are Done!

Employees can easily take picture of their receipts and submit them in an instant. Track time on your phone, approve vacations with ease, and automatically accrue the right amount of time off.

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“ClickTime does in minutes what would otherwise take days.”

—Kimara Smith, Staff Accountant and Human Resource Specialist Build It Green

Make It Easy Faster, Simpler Payroll

Automatically bill clients and internal stakeholders the right amount for projects — no matter how complex your billing rates may be. Verify timesheets with our audit trail and know with certainty that your data is as accurate as it can be.

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“ClickTime significantly reduces the amount of time we used to spend verifying time entry and payroll. It's made our lives much easier.”

—Cheryl Earle, Director of Finance & Administration, Information Services & Technology University of Alberta

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Connect Everything Integrations, Integrations, Integrations

You shouldn't have to enter things twice. Connect ClickTime to your accounting or project management software and get a end-to-end view of your business. That's no duplicate entry. And no wasted time.

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“Custom reports compile in a half an hour what used to take half a day to complete manually.”

—Jerri Franklin, Program Administrator at Nidec

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Budget Smarter Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Project Budgets

Budgets are automatically reduced as employees work against them in real time. Easily understand project costs, and see who is available to take on new work.

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