Permissions, Security, and ControlsTake control of budget visibility

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Manage Access to Critical Data

Robust access controls and strict permission sets ensure only the right employees have access to the right information about your business.

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Customize Manager AccessWorkflows Built for Your Organization

Should some employees have access to time and billing information? How much access? Who needs to approve timesheets?

With our manager permissions sets, you can configure access to information however works best for your team.

Empower Administrators ClickTime Evolves as Your Business Evolves

Nearly everything in ClickTime can be customized. Why? Because we know that over time, your business will change. New employees, new goals, new regulations — that's why we offer the flexible, customizable timesheets.

ClickTime administrators can easily update account settings, billing rates, project budgets, and more.

Data SecurityLimit Employee Access to Budget and Cost Data

Employees can make entries on their own timesheet, submit expenses, run personal reports, and view their time off balances. But unless they are granted additional access, your employees cannot use any administrative features in ClickTime nor access any other employee’s information.

You can even restrict time entry, so employees are only able to record hours to projects or clients to which they are assigned!

Easily Approve Employee Hours

Managers can approve timesheets for a specific team, individual, or project. Whether you need multiple layers of approval, or none at all, we can help improve workflows and ensure you are sending accurate data to payroll, invoicing, and employee resource planning tools.

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