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    The Most Powerful PR Platform for Operations, Finance, and HR

    Reduce administrative costs, maximize billable hours, and gain deep insights into employee utilization, performance, and project staffing. ClickTime PR enables thousands of agencies — including Sparkpr, Allison+Partners, and Eastwick Communications — to improve operations and increase profitability.

    “We run our business through ClickTime. It empowers us to better manage budgets and more effectively allocate staff to projects.”

    — Sarah McGeary, Vice President of Strategy and Operations, Nectar Communications

    Never Over Service Again

    Increase profitability with Resource Planning

    Say it with us. Really, say it out loud: "Never over service again!" With account execs billing at upwards of $175/hour, unpaid work is simply too costly. ClickTime PR gives you powerful tools to stop over servicing before it happens — to be proactive, to identify outliers, and to analyze long-term trends at the account, project, and employee level.

    • Empower Account Managers and Executives with Real-Time Data
    • Improve Employee and Client Communications
    • Proactively Identify Over and Under Serviced Accounts

    Make Every Hour Billable

    ClickTime PR and Resource Planning

    If you increased employee utilization by just 2 - 3 percent, you could bill hundreds of thousands of dollars more each year. But what if you could really make an impact — and increase utilization by 5 or even 10 percent?

    That type of increase in efficiency would add millions to your bottom line. Why not take a look at our utilization calculator and see how much more you could be billing?

    • Optimize employee utilization
    • Benchmark performance across employees, teams, and locations
    • Streamline Account Administration

    How Much Should You Be Billing?

    How efficient is your agency? See how much more you could be billing with our Employee Utilization Calculator.

    One View to Rule Them All

    You shouldn't have to navigate complicated Excel spreadsheets to manage your team and your resources. That's why we created ClickTime PR. To simplify everything. So you can focus on strategy — not spreadsheets.

    With Resource Planning, we've created a home for billing, staffing, and projects, and made it incredibly easy to understand which employees have the bandwidth to take on additional clients.

    • Simplify Everything
    • Focus on Strategy, Not Spreadsheets
    • Billing, Staffing, and Projects — All Under One Roof

    Why ClickTime PR

    ClickTime PR makes it incredibly easy to improve operations and gain unprecedented insights into your business. We've helped thousands of agencies increase profitability, intelligently staff and manage teams, and improve project visibility.

    Maximize Employee Utilization

    Leverage real-time and historical performance data to more effectively staff projects, teams, and clients

    Reduce Administrative Costs

    Empower HR, accounting, and finance with tools that drive efficiencies and streamline workflows

    Forecast with Precision

    Ensure accurate estimates — and plan against monthly retainers and lifetime budgets with confidence

    Effortless Time Tracking

    Easily record, plan, and manage employee time — from any device

    Customize Everything

    Create reports and derive insights that uniquely align with how you operate your business

    World-Class Support

    Dedicated account management, training, and insights from our agency relations team

    Essential Guide to Employee Utilization

    Employee Utilization Guide

    Managing operations, finance, or HR for an agency is no easy task. Our Essential Guide to Employee Utilization will help you navigate the world of billable hours, employee resource planning, and everything you need to know about running a digital agency.

    ClickTime is Built for PR Agencies

    Annemarie Anaya Eastwick Communications

    “I can't overstate how important ClickTime is to our business. It has made us more productive, and better able to focus on meaningful work for our clients. ClickTime saves our team hundreds of non-billable hours a week — and nearly $200,000 a year.”

    —Annemarie Anaya, Accountant, Eastwick Communications

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