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    Stop Estimating. Start Knowing.

    Gain insights into project and employee performance, and optimize your business for maximum profitability. Project Insights is the first end-to-end budgeting platform designed exclusively for businesses that track time.

    “We report in real time — directly from ClickTime — and it shows us exactly what we need. Profit margin, costs, remaining billings, and remaining hours.”

    — Drithal Kala, Project Manager, Control Gap

    Increase profitability with Resource Planning

    Predict Profitability

    Monitor a project’s profit, costs, and billings — as teams work against them in real time.

    Budget Smarter

    Increase profitability with Resource Planning

    See Everything

    All your projects are displayed in a simple list view, which makes it easy to monitor client and project performance.

    Surface Key Metrics

    Filter project data to get an immediate understanding of project, costs, and budgets.

    Evaluate Performance

    Project Insights and Resource Planning

    Visualize Progress

    Dynamic reports and dashboards make it easy to analyze long-term trends and identify outliers.

    Manage and Forecast

    Control budget burndown to better manage employee time and resources.

    Why Project Insights

    Stay on time, on budget, and on plan with visual summaries of project and employee performance.

    Create Accurate Estimates

    Improve forecasting and more effectively benchmark employee time for any project.

    Keep Stakeholders Happy

    Share real-time updates throughout the organization, and improve both employee and client communications.

    Export and Connect

    Export project data as a csv, or integrate with Excel or third-party accounting applications.

    Reduce Out-of-Scope Work

    Ensure your team is working on the right projects at the right time.

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