Project Approvals

Easily Approve Time for Any Project

Project Approvals

Increased Project Visibility

Project Approvals is specifically designed to let managers approve time that employees spend on individual projects — even those whom they don’t directly manage. This offers managers increased visibility into the hours worked on their projects.

Greater Control Of Employee Time

Project Approvals enables managers to accept or reject project time at a line-item level. This prevents incorrect entries from making their way into reports, invoices, or deliverables.

project approvals

Flexible Approval Workflows

Employees are able to attribute their time to a customized collection of individual projects, each with their own timeframes, resources, and budgets. Administrators can create and supervise approval workflows, assign projects to specific managers, divisions, or teams, and override any action at any point.

Automatic Timesheet Notifications

Not only do we notify all designated managers and approvers when time needs to be approved, we make it easy to create automatic email reminders that go directly to your team. Why spend time getting employees to complete their timesheets, when ClickTime can do it for you?