QuickBooks & Nonprofit Time Tracking

Integrate your nonprofit's time and expenses painlessly!

Time tracking with ClickTime is easy, but did you know that exporting your nonprofit's timesheet data to your favorite format can be just as simple?

QuickBooks Integration

Easy Review

ClickTime lets you export your online timesheet data directly into popular payroll, accounting, HR, and CRM applications, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and saving you time and money!

Exporting timesheet data into your favorite format has never been so easy

  • Export any amount of time tracking data into .xls, .txt, .csv, or .xml formats.
  • ClickTime's Excel Linking feature gives you the ability to have Excel pull data directly out of ClickTime Web Timesheet into your spreadsheets!
  • ClickTime is QuickBooks® compatible. Our Intuit-certified QuickBooks® Connector application creates a seamless link between your ClickTime data and your QuickBooks® company file.