Nonprofit Timesheet Reminders

Remind employees to complete their hours on every timesheet without lifting a finger!

We've got enough on our minds without having to send out employee time tracking reminders. With Automated Notifications, your employees will always get timely reminders to complete or submit their timesheets.

Automated Notifications

Notifications Done Your Way

Our Automated Notification system allows you to customize your e-mail message to best suit the way you do business. You can add special instructions or procedures right into your customized note!

Before or After?

Want to remind your employees before their timesheets are due? What about reminding them after the timesheet's due date? ClickTime offers the flexibility to do both and more!

Save Time

Don't waste time manually evaluating your employee's timesheets for timesheet reminders. Let ClickTime's Automated Notification take care of the dirty work so you can keep on top of your more important business.