Time Tracking Testimonials

ClickTime time and expense management solutions make life simple for employees, management, and decision makers.

Our users report productivity boosts, business efficiency increases, profit gains and more. Below are some reviews of our timesheet software from our valued customers detailing the benefits of ClickTime that have improved the way they do business. If you are interested in being featured in this section, then send us an email at info@clicktime.com.

Customer Set
Merlin RAMCo

"Our employees genuinely preferred ClickTime. Time entry in ClickTime is intuitive and easy, and our employees really liked ClickTime's expense entry interface. The expense approval process made reimbursements quick and simple."

- Jeanette Hall, Accounting Manager, Merlin RAMCo

StudioMoon Identity Design

"My company, StudioMoon, specializes in Identity Design. We're a small company so we never have time to waste. Since we've been using ClickTime we've tracked over 4,000 hours, and we spend less than half as much time on timesheets as we did before. The interface makes it more enjoyable to enter time, and we can see that our data is entered and tracked securely—and with much more accuracy than when we did it by hand. The level of detail that we're able to easily provide through a variety of reports allows us to demonstrate complete accountability to our clients. We can't imagine tracking our time any other way now."

- Tracy Moon, Founder, StudioMoon Identity Design

Expedia Inc.

"Our management wanted to improve accountability and cost management around project and non-project resource time. We used ClickTime to track time for all of our technology resources. It gave us an accurate view of our resource time and costs. [On top of that,] training and administration were straightforward and easy."

- Debjani Dasgupta, Sr. Project Manager, Expedia Inc.

The Dumont Project

"Tracking employee sick time and accruals is simple with ClickTime."

- Stephanie Zamora, The Dumont Project

Dc Design House Inc.

"I was first introduced to ClickTime more than 7 years ago. Of course, the concept of my employer tracking my time made sense. Today, with a growing firm of my own, ClickTime more than makes sense when it comes to tracking and estimating time spent on productivity and planning—ClickTime makes cents. Thank you ClickTime. Of all the web-based tools I use to help me run my daily business, you are the best."

- Don-E Coady, Director, Dc Design House Inc.

System/Technology Development Corporation

"We've been happy ClickTime customers since 2004, but a few months ago, our PEO pushed us onto some bundled management software. We soon realized we had made a mistake. They were anything but user-friendly or platform-independent. These last 7 months have been a horror. We're coming back to ClickTime."

- Christine A Robinson, President, System/Technology Development Corporation

SALT Branding

"ClickTime is a powerful platform for tracking employee time and accruals."

- Eve Luppert, SALT Branding

AMP3 Public Relations

"After implementing ClickTime, we were able to more closely track the exact amount of time and the nature of the time that our Public Relations specialists were dedicating to their clients. ClickTime allowed us to provide incredible detail to our clientele about where their dollars were being put to use. In summary, it has allowed AMP3 Public Relations to become more organized, our clients more informed, and has streamlined our workflow. We can't imagine how we worked without it!"

- AMP3 Public Relations

Album Creative Studios

"As a marketing and graphic design firm, we meticulously track our time to provide our hourly-billed clients with clear and accurate invoices. Not only does ClickTime help us track time efficiently, its integration with QuickBooks® is seamless and provides us with a smooth transition from time to invoice."

- Nathan Harris, Principal, Album Creative Studios

JLFranklin Wealth Planning

"ClickTime has been fabulous for assessing both client and employee profitability. Before ClickTime, we used to go through piles of paper to record and analyze our firm's historical time data. Now, all timesheets are efficiently organized, and we can easily make projections about the future to determine the profitability of each client and each employee."

- Joyce L. Franklin, CPA, CPF®, Principal, JLFranklin Wealth Planning

Arketi Group

"We've been using ClickTime for two years now and we've become really big fans of your product. We used to have a combination of different software applications and paper forms for our PC and Mac teams, but our old system was just too rigid. ClickTime works well across all of our platforms and takes the chore out of timekeeping, freeing us up to focus on our clients' work. It's accurate, intuitive and flexible! Now we're able to perform real-time project estimates and provide our clients with live on-site reports that were previously unfeasible. We're glad to have a system in place to ensure that time entry is done right."

- Mike Neumeier, Principal, Arketi Group

Minnesota Public Radio

"ClickTime was a snap to set up, and it is a bona fide dream for our department. The website's design is clean and simple to navigate. Timekeeping has gotten a lot easier since we hooked up with ClickTime."

- Maggie Skinner, Minnesota Public Radio

Pacific Aerospace Consultants

"Our part-time staff members in California qualify for the new sick leave benefits. ClickTime makes compliance easy for us."

- Erika Irish, Pacific Aerospace Consultants

Shaklee Corporation

"Time-tracking services like this are a wave of the future because there is a turn towards accountability. We use it to keep track of our billable hours and because the reports are easily manipulated to fit our needs. The service is wonderful!"

- Cynthia Sofranac, Shaklee Corporation

Boingo Wireless, Inc.

"The web-based ClickTime service works well in our multi-platform engineering and QA organization, allowing our people to easily track time wherever, whenever. With no setup complications, we were able to deploy the solution quickly to help keep accurate track of resource allocation to projects."

- Niels Jonker, CTO, Boingo Wireless, Inc.

Horn Group

"With professional services, time really is money. We were able to install and integrate ClickTime in one day, our employees learned to use this intuitive software immediately, and admin and maintenance are quick and easy. So, while it took no time to get going on ClickTime, ClickTime captures all of the time that our employees spend servicing our clients and developing our firm. ClickTime to us is not just timesheet software. Thanks to ClickTime's sophisticated yet simple reporting and integration, it is an information source that helps us run our firm. "

- Daniel Katzki, CFO, Horn Group

Wisbrun Consulting

"Just wanted to compliment you on a great site. I have been looking for a GOOD, customizable, easy-to-use, web-enabled solution for a long time. I had my whole system set up and the last 2 weeks of time entered within the hour. Thanks for a great product."

- Laurie Wisbrun, Principal, Wisbrun Consulting

Primedia Workplace Learning

"We love ClickTime! It is the answer to our time-tracking prayers. As the Creative Services team for a fast-moving training company with several in-house clients, it was difficult to measure our time spent and tasks performed throughout the day using conventional time sheets. I've learned that creatives do not enjoy paperwork, but are rather drawn to the interactivity of the internet. ClickTime's automated function makes it simple to keep track of our time—and fun. For the first time, the entire department submitted time sheets without being reminded. Thanks for a great product."

- Tiffany MacMillan, Primedia Workplace Learning

Advanced Educational Corporation

"We used to have individual hardcopy timesheets, spreadsheets, faxes, signoffs, delays, and project scope avalanches. Now we've revamped our entire timesheet and project reporting process around ClickTime. Our data is in one central database and is accessible to all who need it. The time/money we've saved in physical process pales in comparison to the time/money we've saved preventing runaway projects!"

- Mark Rieves, U.S. Production Manager, Advanced Educational Corporation

Ham in the Fridge Design

"I really like ClickTime. I've done a bit of comparison shopping with other online services that are similar, and yours is by far the best designed and most friendly system."

- Bret Hummel, Principal, Ham in the Fridge Design

Glide Technologies

"When we were evaluating different time tracking services, we found that so many of the services were very complex. I was able to master ClickTime in about 10 minutes and it helps make time tracking a simple thing. Furthermore, the ClickTime team is very responsive to our needs. Although we are in London, their support department has always given very quick answers to our questions. We also really like the International features such as the ability to set our own currency in our reports. We didn’t hesitate choosing ClickTime when it came to our final decision."

- Samantha Deeks, Account Manager, Glide Technologies

Catalyst Studios

"I like how easy it is to use the desktop application—it’s a piece of cake. We don’t have to keep logging in and it is open all day long. We are more likely to enter our time during the day because the desktop application serves as a reminder to enter our time. Now, all of my employees enter their time religiously."

- Jason Rysavy, CEO, Catalyst Studios


"BLANK is a design studio that needs to maintain accountability for all of the hours we spend on our client’s projects. Before ClickTime, we kept track of our days on paper! Now it is unbelievably easy to track and ensure that we don’t go over budget and time allotted for our numerous projects. ClickTime has been an invaluable resource for us and the customer service we’ve encountered has been nothing but helpful. The Web site is even easy to use for our Mac-based studio!"

- Christine Dzieciolowski, BLANK, Inc.

PR Works

"ClickTime has helped our budding PR firm capture previously lost billings. Your nifty service has also helped us get a handle on the cost of projects and the hours dedicated to each client. Your reports serve as detailed descriptions of what we actually do for clients each month. We also utilize your reports as "the" tracking source for internal payroll. There was an audible groan when I announced that we would begin tracking time. We quickly discovered ClickTime is actually fun and easy to use—even for non-techies. In short, we now have a sense of what happens in our hectic days and everyone has a greater appreciation for this time and effort."

- Steve Dubin, President/Founder, PR Works

Better World Advertising

"As a small company we don't have the capacity to develop and implement an internal system that would come close to providing all the features that are offered through ClickTime. ClickTime's system is highly intuitive and all of our employees find it quite simple to use. All they have to do is log in, from wherever they are, and quickly enter their times. As president of the company, I find that getting reports from the ClickTime website couldn't be easier and I can customize those reports to fit our specific needs. I have no hesitation recommending ClickTime."

- Les Pappas, President, Better World Advertising

ICG Consulting

"ClickTime has turned what used to be a paperwork nightmare into a smooth process, allowing us to focus on our core competencies rather than worrying about completing paper timesheets. It's also made it much easier to track our project costs and validate our pricing. We couldn't imagine going back to paper-based time tracking now."

- David Goldberg, Project Manager, ICG Consulting


"ClickTime has allowed Sabeus to address many time keeping inefficiencies within its organization. In particular, the finance group has been able to produce reports on a much more timely basis, while spending less than half the time to compile time reports. This has freed up time for other high level functions of the team. In addition, ClickTime has allowed the engineering management the ability to efficiently track and manage the progress of multi program projects on a real-time basis. This has improved the management efficiency of the entire organization."

- Armando Montalvo, VP Engineering, Sabeus