Eastwick Communications Saves Millions with Resource Planning

Eastwick is a technology-focused communications agency. They bring together PR, content, social media, advocacy, creative services, and research and analytics to help some of the world's biggest technology brands and emerging leaders create high-impact communication strategies. With 50 employees - and offices in San Francisco, Sunnyvale, and New York - it's essential that Eastwick can easily manage employee and contractor time, and drive efficiencies across the business.

Using ClickTime's resource planning tools, Eastwick has significantly reduced non-billable hours and more effectively staffed projects and teams.

Powerful Insights and Increased Productivity

Before ClickTime, Eastwick would manually track time and plan resources with Excel spreadsheets. There were no reports, no insights, and limited visibility into project budgets or completion. As a result, it was challenging to optimize staffing or analyze project budgets - and impossible to do so in real time.

With ClickTime, everything changed.

"I can't overstate how important ClickTime is to our business," said Annemarie Anaya, Accountant at Eastwick Communications. "It has made us more productive, and better able to focus on meaningful work for our clients."

Resource Planning empowered Eastwick with real-time and historical data on employee capacity, project profitability, and company operations. It allowed for faster and smarter staffing decisions, and ultimately, more productive and effective teams.

"Understanding staff utilization trends is the most important metric on my firm's profitability," said Barbara Bates, CEO of Eastwick. "Resource Planning empowers each employee to manage their own workloads, and it provides managers with the information they need to plan for staffing, hiring and client acquisition decisions."

Annemarie Anaya headshot

“ClickTime saves our team hundreds of non-billable hours a week - and nearly $200,000 a year.”

— Annemarie Anaya, Accountant, Eastwick Communications

A Unified System for Employees and Contractors

As a service agency, Eastwick has to account for their time down to the quarter hour. ClickTime allows them to easily track and report on their time by virtually any increment, and integrates with their accounting and invoicing system.

"Clicktime is perfect for businesses like ours," said Anaya. "It integrates so well with how we run our business, and how we account for the projects we work on. Our employees and contractors use it for timesheets and expenses, which is easy to export to QuickBooks."

By joining together time and expense data, and offering one-click reporting on progress against plan and budget and cost allocations, ClickTime has made a tremendous impact on Eastwick's bottom line.

"ClickTime saves our team hundreds of non-billable hours a week - and nearly $200,000 a year," said Anaya.

Custom Accounts and Exceptional Support

Eastwick is continually adding new clients and developing comprehensive campaigns for their existing customers. Project budgets, timelines, and requirements vary greatly, and the team needed a budgeting and staffing solutions that would grow with their needs.

"We've completely customized our account," said Anaya. "Everything we see in the app uses our language and is built specifically for how we run our business."

In addition to account customization, ClickTime offers best-in-class customer support that makes it easy for Eastwick to track time, onboard employees, and share feature requests.

"The customer service is incredible. I can email or call the team any time," said Anaya. "They're even willing to swing by and meet with new hires or listen to our feedback on future product decisions. I have nothing but glowing things to say about ClickTime support."