Beacon Health Improves Workflow and Project Planning with ClickTime

Since 1996, Beacon Health has pioneered innovative treatment plans that deliver customized, community-based solutions to behavioral health patients. The nonprofit organization is comprised of industry-leading behavioral health experts, and managed and advised by nationally recognized medical, behavioral, human services, and pharmacy clinicians.

Using ClickTime, the Beacon Health IT group is able to facilitate more effective dialog with their business partners, and better plan, manage, and report on employee time.

Powerful Reports Uncover New Insights

Beacon Health serves more than 9 million members spanning 21 states. With such a large and diverse customer base, it's essential that Beacon's IT systems and customer-facing websites function seamlessly.

ClickTime significantly improved how Beacon Health IT managed project staffing and workflow. It empowered the team with real-time data to work more efficiently on the right projects at the right time.

"ClickTime allows us to better plan and track our projects, and how much time each employee is working on a given task," said Carmen Cast, Director of Business Applications at Beacon Health. "We're able to gain new insights into employee capacity and more effectively staff teams and projects. We're now able to measure how much time we spend on support versus other work, and better allocate our time."

Carmen Cast headshot

“ClickTime gives our team - and the larger organization - visibility into our projects. It helps set us up for success.”

— Carmen Cast, Director of Business Applications

Improved Communications with Upper Management

The 80-person Beacon IT team gets numerous internal requests for new projects, system upgrades, and an assortment of support and training. Before ClickTime, there was no simple and accurate way for the team to show how busy they were or confirm the true cost of projects.

ClickTime makes it easy for Beacon IT to communicate the various demands on the department with business partners and upper management.

"When someone requests a large project or is looking to fast track an existing one, we now have the data to show our team's true capacity in real time," said Case. "With ClickTime, we're able to serve our internal customers more strategically and better plan our resources for future needs."

"ClickTime gives our team - and the larger organization - visibility into our projects. It helps set us up for success."

Easy Setup and Deployment

Even with an 80-person team, it was fast and seamless to install, deploy, and configure ClickTime. With ClickTime's helpful Setup Wizard, and an attentive customer support team, Cast was able to get started with ClickTime almost immediately.

"I couldn't believe how simple it was to get started with ClickTime," said Cast. "The software is very straightforward, and it's easy for our employees to enter and track time, and for us to run reports that benefit our team."

Cast's team often travels, and employees often have limited time to track their hours. That's why Beacon uses ClickTime's mobile app, which allows them to quickly track time on the road, even with limited or no connectivity.

"ClickTime the right solution for our team," said Cast.