Build It Green Ensures Compliance and Reduces Costs with ClickTime

Since 2005, Build It Green has been helping real estate professionals, local and state governments, and homeowners increase awareness and adoption of green building practices. Using ClickTime's timesheet and expense management software, Build It Green is better able to serve their clients, ensure compliance, and work more efficiently to prevent climate change, minimize pollution, and protect natural resources for future generations.

24/7 Compliance

Build It Green is supported by its members, as well as various utilities and government organizations that require explicit and accurate reporting of employee time and expenses. Once a quarter, Build It Green's finances are audited, and every penny needs to be accounted for.

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“ClickTime is our main hub for reporting on labor. It's efficient, it's accurate, and with it, we're able to ensure we are in compliance at all times.”

— Kimara Smith, Staff Accountant and Human Resource Specialist Build It Green

With ClickTime's audit trail technology - and the ability for administrators to annotate any changes to time entries - Build It Green is able to ensure they are always in compliance while tracking employee and contractor time.

"ClickTime is our main hub for reporting on labor," said Kimara Smith, Staff Accountant and Human Resource Specialist at Build It Green. "It's efficient, it's accurate, and with it, we're able to ensure we are in compliance at all times."

A Unified System for Time Tracking, Expenses, and Payroll

Before ClickTime, Build It Green had multiple systems for tracking time, entering expenses, and managing payroll. Collecting accurate information and running reports was a slow and cumbersome process, and there was little insight into long-term trends or the current status of projects in real time.

Now, with ClickTime, Build It Green is able to better understand and more effectively run their business. Employees use ClickTime's mobile app to upload expenses and enter time while on the road. And in the office, Smith is able to access real-time data on any project, employee, or team, and even integrate ClickTime's data with QuickBooks to manage payroll.

"We use ClickTime for nearly everything: time tracking, submitting expenses, and payroll," said Smith. "It's an incredible service. ClickTime does in minutes what would otherwise take days."

Powerful Reports Increase Efficiency

With nearly 50 employees and contractors simultaneously running dozens of jobs, the team at Build It Green is constantly juggling multiple tasks and priorities. It can be challenging to accurately and quickly assess performance across the business. That's where ClickTime's dashboards and reports come in. They provide an in-depth understanding of labor costs, expenses, and employee availability. And they empower Smith with the ability to get a complete understanding of any project and make data-driven decisions around how to best allocate resources for the team.

"The reporting in ClickTime is fabulous," said Smith. "It gives us exactly what we need to understand our employees and projects."