The ClickTime Internship Program

Daily mentorship. Secret projects. Launching new features. With ClickTime’s fast-paced energy and immersive curriculum, you’ll learn the ropes of the industry and be uniquely positioned for a successful career in tech.

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Why ClickTime

Because we love you. Really. We’ve been running the internship program since we launched the company and love cultivating your talent, incorporating your ideas, and feeding off your fabulous energy. We also love helping you solve challenging problems, work on highly impactful projects, and make your work come to life.
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How it works

For ten weeks each summer, four to six interns in Software Development, Product Management, UI/UX Design, and Marketing work with their department’s team lead on daily projects, tasks, and assignments. In addition, you’ll work with your intern team and ClickTime’s CEO to design, test, and build a secret feature of our application. Past intern projects have shipped and are regularly used by our customers worldwide.
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What to expect

To learn, to be challenged, and to grow your career in tech. To enjoy downtown San Francisco, with lots of cafes, restaurants, and bars nearby. To eat weekly catered lunches with your teammates. To come up with puns in almost any situation. To be surrounded by people who care, and to make lifelong friends in the tech industry.
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Where to Apply

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Will Cole headshot

Will Cole

Software Development Intern

Current: Founder & Software Developer

ClickTime taught me how to build web applications. Nothing I learned in school prepared me for software development as much as this internship. The engineers I worked with at ClickTime became role models for my career as a programmer. Most of all, I loved spending time with the team. Everyone was smart and hilarious. It was the complete opposite of the stuffy, impersonal, cubicle life I imagined working would be.

Theresa Khuu headshot

Theresa Khuu

Marketing Intern

Current: Senior Mobile Marketing Director, App Annie

As a member of the ClickTime Internship Program, I felt like I made a true impact. I got to try my hand in different dimensions of the company, develop new features, create go-to-market strategies, and see all my work come to life. Working directly with the CEO and key decision makers was a true highlight. The internship taught me how much I love ownership; it’s a lesson I’ve carried with me throughout my career.

Ellen Guan headshot

Ellen Guan

Marketing Intern

Current: Manager at Apple

If you are looking to truly learn something and make a difference, ClickTime is the place to be. The internship program is designed to help both you and the company succeed and at the end of your internship you will walk away with monumentally more knowledge, confidence, and sense of direction. I highly recommend starting your career with an internship at ClickTime.

Vincent Vo headshot

Vincent Vo

Marketing Intern

Current: Associate at the Boston Consulting Group

The ClickTime internship teaches you how to think like a business owner - this is a skillset that I've leveraged in every subsequent job and will differentiate you. By giving you real projects and a ton of responsibility even as an intern, you develop a strong results orientation and sense for what it takes to be a good professional.

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