Timesheet Calculator: Free and Easy!

ClickTime's free timesheet calculator is the easiest way to track your hour, and create a simple timesheet. Just enter your start and end times for your projects or tasks and our timecard calculator will take care of the rest!

Why Use a Timesheet Calculator?

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Keeping track of employees hours can be difficult to do by hand. There are a number of other ways to enter time, from mobile apps, to online timesheets, to futuristic technologies like biometric scanning or predictive time tracking.

But if you're looking for an easy way to add up where you or your team are spending their time, our time sheet calculator (below) makes it easy to understand who is working on what!

All Your Timesheets in One Place

ClickTime automatically calculates your total daily and weekly hours—whether you're using the stopwatch, entering start and end times, or just recording your time per task. The software also organizes all your worked time into daily and weekly timesheets, so you can easily review your time tracking data in ClickTime. With ClickTime, you'll never lose track of a minute of worked time again!

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Easily Review and Print Timesheets

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ClickTime lets you review and analyze your timesheet data in a variety of different ways. We offer over 60, including the Horizontal and Vertical Timesheet Views, that are simple and easy to use.

All of our reports are printer-friendly and can be exported in the format of your choice. If you need to approve time, simple run one our timesheet approval report, and you can quickly manage your team's hours.

Time Sheets Can Make Your Team More Productive

With ClickTime, you can use time tracking data to improve your company's productivity! Our Resource Planning Module allows you to set billable goals for employees and allocate their hours to the right projects.

ClickTime's personal dashboards consistently keep employees aware of their performance by displaying their progress towards billable goals set by managers. Join ClickTime to see how Resource Planning can transform your business.

ClickTime Timesheet Reports

Don't Just Track Time—Track Expenses Too!

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With ClickTime you can track more than just your worked time—you can easily track expenses as well! Since ClickTime is completely web-based, you can track expenses from anywhere, even on your phone! Take a picture of a receipt, upload it, and get reimbursed—all using the ClickTime Mobile App.

Expenses are easily approved with a single click, which means reimbursements are quicker and more efficient—keeping both managers and employees happy. Learn how ClickTime can help you track and approve expenses with ease by signing up for your free trial.

Free Timesheet Calculator

ClickTime's free, online Timesheet Calculator quickly converts and calculates your total worked time for you—all you need to do is enter the start and end time for each task you performed. You can manually fill out your time card with ease, and it'll be compatible with any type of pay period (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). Add rows to track more tasks, and easily print out a simple hardcopy of your timesheet using the print button on ClickTime's Timesheet Calculator. To explore ClickTime's alternate time tracking options, try our award-winning time tracking platform for free!

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