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Automation Life Hacks You Can’t Live Without

We've all seen those DIY projects. We've also seen those fail utmost miserably (see below).

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Tips for Tracking Time in Google Calendar

When the great minds of the 20th century made their predictions about the future, none of them said, "there will be time tracking in Google!" Were they short sighted? Perhaps.

While we agree that tracking time in GCal (that's what the cool kids call it) is nowhere near as important as some of, say, Arthur C. Clarke's predictions about the future, that doesn't mean timesheet integrations with Google Calendar aren't a big deal.

Tracking time in Google...

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Announcing ClickTime 8.0

We're excited to announce the launch of ClickTime 8.0! We've built dozens of new features that make it easier to track, plan, and manage employee time.

ClickTime 8.0 is built for organizations looking to increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and gain new insights into team and employee performance. And with hundreds of integrations, you can now connect ClickTime with many of your accounting, payroll, CRM, or other platforms!

Overtime Tracking & Reporting helps reduce costs and ensure compliance Quickly

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Connect ClickTime with Hundreds of Apps via Zapier!

We’re excited to announce our integration with Zapier — an online tool that allows you to connect different apps together. With Zapier, a process in one app can trigger an action in another. 

This enables ClickTime to work with many popular platforms, including Google, JIRA, and Salesforce. You can now automate the creation of jobs, clients, and time entries through a variety of cloud services.