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Everything You Need To Know About Billing Rates (and then some)

Billing rates.

The two words that can make anyone squeamish. Visions of blurry numbers and snippets of old advice merge together into a traumatic reel.

When it comes to calculating billing rates, hourly rates have conventionally been determined to be 3x or 4x wages. Now that's quite a wide span, which makes it difficult to predict profitability accurately.

There are plenty of other issues with the lax way managers try to make...

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Tips for Tracking Time in Google Calendar

When the great minds of the 20th century made their predictions about the future, none of them said, "there will be time tracking in Google!" Were they short sighted? Perhaps.

While we agree that tracking time in GCal (that's what the cool kids call it) is nowhere near as important as some of, say, Arthur C. Clarke's predictions about the future, that doesn't mean timesheet integrations with Google Calendar aren't a big deal.

Tracking time in Google...

ClickTime vs Excel

Saying Goodbye to Excel: the Top 10 Benefits of Tracking Time Online

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It's 2017. There are driverless cars, cloud-powered machines, and every song in the world available to you in an instant. Yet despite a seemingly endless barrage of new technology and innovation, thousands of businesses are are still tracking their time in Excel.

Excel is powerful and versatile. It can be used to keep track of customer information, consolidate large data sets with Pivot Tables, or even to

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3 Ways to Reduce Over Servicing for PR

Agency work isn’t easy. Clients can be demanding, and account executives want to do everything they can to keep their customers happy. But with an average billing rate of $183/hour, the costs of performing unpaid client work add up quickly.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you and your team stay on track.

1. Measure Employee Utilization Mr. Cuddles bills $183 a meower

Employee Utilization is a measure of how effective your employees are at...

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Announcing Project Insights

Today, we're excited to announce Project Insights -- a suite of powerful budgeting, forecasting, and management tools built exclusively for businesses that track time.

Project Insights helps organizations stay on budget, create more accurate estimates, and predict profitability. It's a simple, visual way to reduce out-of-scope...