What drives employee productivity? Take a look at the myths, truths, and new ideas we have discovered to get employees motivated to reach their goals.

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How to Harness Employee Competition

There’s little doubt that workplace competition can be both fun and motivating. It's a well-needed diversion from the daily grind, and when done correctly, can get employees to stretch that much further to meet their goals.

Great, right? Well, sort of.

While intra-office competition – over sales goals, customer service, or any other metric – can be a useful tool to stimulate work effort, it can also produce a host of undesired consequences. Like alienation. Or anxiety. Or unhealthy...

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Time Management: Myths, Truths, and Why Some Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

Is it just me, or does the entire world seem like it’s committed to the cult of extreme time management? Rarely does a week go by without someone sending me an article explaining how to squeeze more out of my time.

Time management. Time management. Time management.

But is squeezing ourselves really what we all want? To feel like an empty balloon, so exhausted that we’ll never float again?

Here’s an idea: maybe time management...

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Employee Productivity: Myths, Truths, and New Ideas

As it turns out, the history of employee productivity basically starts with one man: Frederick Winslow Taylor. An American engineer, Taylor became the first person to systematically examine employee efficiency. Most famously, he used a stopwatch to time workers shoveling steel, breaking the task into its smallest components so he could figure out the most efficient way to do each.

(At age 18, he also decided not to attend Harvard, and chose the life of a machine apprentice instead. But...