Tips and tricks on managing employees and growing teams.

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5 Proven Employee Motivation Techniques for Your Sales Team

Most salespeople are self-motivated. It's part of the job. But as a manager, your goal is to deliver even higher levels of performance than your team can bring by themselves. So, we try various tactics and speeches in a vague approximation of that iconic scene from Glengarry Glen Ross, but guess what? That type of aggressive, in-your-face employee management gets old fast.

To truly engage your entire sales team requires a more...

8 Ways To Reduce Employee Turnover

It’s a manager’s worst nightmare.

Your top-performing employee asks to talk with you, and after exchanging a few pleasantries, she lets the news drop: “I’m putting in my two-weeks notice.”

That’s when your mind fills with questions. How did this happen? Is this my fault? Who else is leaving? Is there anything we could have done to prevent this?

It takes so much time and effort to recruit, interview, hire, and onboard a new employee, it is critically important to build an...

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6 Tips to Manage Contract Workers

For companies that want to save money and stay lean, contract workers can be a boon. If your company’s just starting out, or you need specific knowledge to solve a problem, hiring a contract worker can be a great way to make sure you get just what you pay for, without excess overhead.

What — you have some doubts? Let us guess:

“But will they do as good of a job?” “How hard will they work, if they’re not officially part of...

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6 Strategies To Make You The Best Mentor

You’re overseeing three huge projects. You’ve got five calls today, then two meetings. Your boss wants that budget by the end of the week, and it’s in bad shape (shh!). Your kid gets out of school early, you haven’t planned dinner, and, oh yeah, you’re still trying to fit in some kind of exercise. So … you’re telling me that I’m also supposed to fit in some kind of mentoring?!

Um … yeah?

We know you’re busy. But if you think...

How to (Actually) Increase Employee Satisfaction

At many companies, employee satisfaction is measured – if at all – through yearly surveys. Once a year, employees fill out a checklist, which, if they’re especially motivated, will provide them extra text boxes in which they can heartily explain why they gave “managers communicate their ideas clearly” a rate of only 6 out of 10.

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How to Identify Your Company's Next Generation of Leaders

When looking for your next generation of leaders, it makes sense to cultivate the widest pool you can manage. So why, when thinking about the future, do so many executives limit their options? In fact, when trying to find future leaders, companies tend to fall into three common issues:

Current leaders overvalue job performance, and undervalue character traits. Current leaders tend to promote...
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Managing a Remote Team: How to Do It Well

Remote teams are the future. Heck, remote teams are the present! Thanks to a host of factors — improved technology, the high cost of rent, a more globalized workforce — more and more companies are choosing a remote model.

Going remotely can pay plenty of dividends. It lets you hire the best employees, without being bound by geography, it significantly cuts down overhead, it helps employees maintain a healthier work-life balance (no commuting time!). When done well, it can...

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How to Harness Employee Competition

There’s little doubt that workplace competition can be both fun and motivating. It's a well-needed diversion from the daily grind, and when done correctly, can get employees to stretch that much further to meet their goals.

Great, right? Well, sort of.

While intra-office competition – over sales goals, customer service, or any other metric – can be a useful tool to stimulate work effort, it can also produce a host of undesired consequences. Like alienation. Or anxiety. Or unhealthy...

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How to Manage Remote Employees

Are you ready to manage dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of remote employees?

The surge in collaborative software and mobile apps have removed the barriers that previously required workers to be on premise for a typical nine-to-five workday. More employees are asking for flexible and remote work options, and more companies are offering it. Telecommuting job listings increased a solid 36% from 2014 to 2015, compared to a 26% increase from 2013 to 2014. These positions are not only...

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How to Prepare Your Managers for the New Federal Overtime Regulations

In the public relations, fashion, media, marketing and advertising industries, a culture of long hours and high expectations for junior employees is the norm. Managers of these employees are in the habit of wanting employees at their fingertips – literally – via email and text, at all hours of the day, including during “off-the-clock” hours.

But this habit could have very expensive consequences to employers when the new federal overtime rules go into effect. As of December 1, 2016, many...