• Timesheet Benefits

    The Benefits of Online Timesheets

    Track time, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

    ClickTime offers the incredible value and benefits of time tracking to businesses large and small. Our intuitive timesheet software makes time and expense management effortless for decision makers, managers, and users alike. Take a look at what ClickTime time tracking software can offer you.

    Decision Makers

    Key decisions are difficult to make. ClickTime Web Timesheet will supply you with the information you need to make the accurate assessments you need.
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    Managing teams and projects is far simpler with ClickTime. Our web-based timesheet system is designed to capture time quickly and accurately so managers can see the reports they need. See how ClickTime's Web Timesheet can benefit managers.
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    ClickTime Web Timesheet is extremely simple to use. Without a steep learning curve, users can start tracking time right away. Find out additional benefits users will love about our product here.
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    Benefits for Managers

    Timesheet managers can easily access reports and review time tracking data. Learn what other benefits ClickTime can provide for managers.

    Benefits for Users

    Track time, submit timesheets, and report expenses easily from any location. See the many other benefits ClickTime can provide for users.

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