Timesheet on Your Phone

Track time on-the-go with ClickTime Mobile Web!

Today's business environment requires mobility. Employees are asked to be out in the field more than ever before. Whether you are working abroad or visiting a client, ClickTime offers a solution for mobile workers.

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ClickTime supports all the newest mobile smartphones, including the iPhone 6.

Supported Phones

We developed a mobile version of our web timesheet for our iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone users—and for users whose mobile devices are capable of browsing the Internet. Sign up for a free trial of our timesheet app and see for yourself. It's quick and easy, with no obligations!

Easy Access

The ClickTime Mobile Web Edition is designed for fast, easy access over cellular networks (including 3G, 4G and LTE networks) and Wi-Fi. Wireless carriers offering affordable and reliable data access with wide coverage means our customers can use ClickTime on-the-go. ClickTime is ready to support all mobile users with a fast, lightweight browser experience optimized for handheld use.

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Add time entries and expenses with ease while you are away from the office.

Track Time & Expenses Wherever You Are!

Your employees can enter time and expenses against your projects, and ClickTime keeps you up-to-date. There's nothing to install and nothing to sync. Just log in and go to https://www.clicktime.com. Users on mobile devices are automatically taken to the ClickTime Mobile Web Edition. It's legible, fast, and very easy to use. Handheld owners can enter time from anywhere — wirelessly!

ClickTime Mobile App for iPhone and Android

In addition to the Mobile Web interface, users can also log time and expenses through their iPhone and Android apps. It's a quick and easy download from the App Store or through Google play. Learn More

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