Web services API

ClickTime Web services offers you the opportunity to integrate your favorite applications with the ClickTime Web Timesheet App.

ClickTime Web Services

With ClickTime Web services, you can synchronize data with the hosted ClickTime environment and use the ClickTime data within your internal applications and processes.
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Integrate your favorite applications with ClickTime Web Timesheet.

Further integration solutions possible with ClickTime include:
  • custom reporting
  • payroll

Strong documentation and support

ClickTime offers comprehensive documentation to assist you with your integration efforts. Our web services documentation includes both high-level and systems-level descriptions of the functionality provided by the ClickTime Web Services. The Developer's Guide describes each function and its usage, while the WSDL Service Description provides a machine-readable map of all available operations and necessary data types.

Keep up to date

New versions of web services are typically released every 12-18 months. Once a new version is released, there is usually a 3-month window to upgrade your solution from the deprecated version to the new version.

Try Web Services

To add ClickTime Web Services to your account, please contact us at sales@clicktime.com. Functions not currently included in the ClickTime Web Services can be developed by the ClickTime Professional Services team.

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