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    Track Employee Time and Increase Productivity

    Timesheets, expenses, budgeting and more

    ClickTime has a rich set of features for a variety of time and expense tracking software needs, based on over 10 years' worth of customer feedback. Whether you need project management tools, seamless data integration, slick and professional reporting, or a simple and intuitive time entry interface, we've got you covered.

    Feature Tour

    Take a look at the features that make ClickTime the timesheet management software of choice for thousands of customers worldwide   Learn More »

    Simple Time Entry Interface

    Our intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes time tracking a breeze. Start entering time with just a few clicks, no training required.   Learn More »


    Our web-based timesheet system can help you better manage your business. From managing multiple projects to reviewing employee performance, we have you covered. Try ClickTime free for 30 days and see for yourself!   Learn More »

    Mobile Time Entry

    We have designed a special mobile edition of our product for professionals on the go. Now you can easily track time and expenses in real-time.   Learn More »


    ClickTime integrates seamlessly QuickBooks┬«, Paychex┬«, and other leading accounting and payroll software suites.   Learn More »

    Billable Time Entries

    Never lose another billable hour. Our time entry interface allows you to precisely track time while staying on top of your costs.   Learn More »

    Import Data

    Importing your existing timesheet data to ClickTime is fast and simple. Whether you are using Excel or another timesheet tracking solution, your data can be easily imported into ClickTime.   Learn More »

    Professional Reports

    Never create a report by hand again. Use our suite of professional reporting tools to quickly and easily present your data.   Learn More »

    Export Data

    We make data export easy. With just a few clicks, you can export your time data into .xls, .csv, and other leading data formats.   Learn More »


    Capture every moment you spend on projects and clients with our powerful, built-in stopwatch.   Learn More »

    Timesheet Email Reminders

    Customized, automatic email reminders let you take the hassle out of collecting timesheets with just a few clicks.   Learn More »


    Customize your account with corporate branding, logos on reports, custom terminology, and custom sign-in   Learn More »

    Cloud Based

    See how easy and accessible time tracking can be in the cloud by trying ClickTime. Our cloud-based Web Timesheet has no software to install so you can start tracking time from anywhere immediately!


    Report and approve expense sheets with ease through ClickTime's Expense Tracking Module. See how ClickTime lets you track expenses from anywhere, anytime.

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