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  • Weekly Timesheet for Time Tracking

    Free Weekly Excel Timesheet for Time Tracking

    Track your week's work hours with our free Week View Excel Timesheet

    ClickTime's weekly Excel timesheets help you and your employees track time throughout the week. Using our time tracking expertise, we've carefully designed each template to save you valuable time and effort.

    Weekly Time Tracking Templates for Excel

    Our simple time entry interface makes timekeeping easy.ClickTime's Week View Excel Timesheet helps you track both work hours and tasks so you can see what your employees are working on. Print out our spreadsheet to keep hardcopies for your records.

    Task Tracking

    See which tasks your employees have been working on and how long they spend on each task throughout the week. ClickTime's weekly timesheet template provides sections for employees to report each of their tasks, so administrators and managers are provided with a more detailed timesheet.

    Customizable Headers, Automatic Calculations

    Customize each timesheet spreadsheet with specific start/end dates and employee information. The Excel template is simple to use and easily tailored to your company and employees' needs. Learn More

    ClickTime's weekly Excel timesheet provides automatic calculations to save you and your employees time. Input your employees' pay rates, and each time they report new hours, ClickTime's weekly timesheet template will update their work and pay totals on Excel. Collapse

    ClickTime Web Timesheet for Weekly Time Tracking

    Detailed Time and Task Tracking

    Try ClickTime Web Timesheet for the best solution to your detailed task tracking needs. Your employees have access to limitless entries to record all the projects, jobs, and tasks they perform—including a notes section to elaborate on each task. ClickTime Web Timesheet features type-ahead time entries so your common tasks are auto-suggested as you type, saving you time. With these improved task tracking tools, you can stay well-informed and manage your employees more effectively. Learn More

    ClickTime lets you track time with less effort and greater precision. Rather than just recording the number of hours you spend on a project, you can simply enter stop and start times in ClickTime for more accurate time tracking. Our stopwatch feature also gives you incredible time-tracking precision so you'll never lose a single minute of worked time. Try ClickTime today! Collapse

    More Efficient Time Tracking, More Customization

    ClickTime Web Timesheet is easily customizable and lets you tailor your timesheets to best fit your company.

    Create tasks unique to your company, add custom fields to your timesheet and configure the reports you generate—all through an intuitive web interface. You can even add your company's custom branding to your timesheets and reports for a professional and personalized look.

    Start your ClickTime free trial and begin customizing your company's timesheet right away!

    ClickTime helps eliminate the time you waste organizing Excel workbooks and paper timesheets:

    • Web Timesheet automatically calculates your totaled hours and autofills previously used tasks, so you can quickly fill out your timesheet.
    • Automatic reminders are sent out to any employees with late or incomplete timesheets so you don't have to worry about tracking them down yourself.
    • See how the Multicultural Leadership Institute cut 40 hours/month in administrative time by migrating from paper timesheets and Excel workbooks to ClickTime.

    Your Free Downloads:

    Bi-Weekly Timesheet

    Track time accurately for a bi-weekly pay period using ClickTime's simple Excel template. Calculate total hours worked and total pay with ease on one spreadsheet.

    Free Resource Planning Template

    Our free resource planning template helps you manage employee hours, understand employee capacity, and stay on budget!

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