Free Monthly Timesheet Template for Excel

Use our free monthly Excel time tracking spreadsheet to track an entire month's time

Track and review your month's pay period on one simple Excel timesheet. Download our monthly time tracking template, or track your time faster with your free ClickTime Web Timesheet trial.

Monthly Time Tracking with Excel

Our simple time entry interface makes timekeeping easy.Keep track of your worked hours with our monthly timesheet for employees. Learn how our free Excel timesheets and ClickTime Web Timesheet can help make time tracking easier for you!

Automated Pay and Time Tracking

All your employees have to do is enter in their hours, and ClickTime's free monthly template will do the rest. Total hours and monthly and weekly pay are calculated so you don't have to tabulate the totals from timesheets for multiple employees every month.

Fits on One, Clean Printout

Laid out like a simple calendar, ClickTime's printable timesheet presents your employee's time on one, clean page and includes all the important information you need. ClickTime consolidates all the information into a simple chart so you can review timesheet data with ease.

ClickTime Web Timesheet - Monthly Time Tracking

Worry Less About Your Company's Time Tracking

ClickTime's Web Timesheet gives you peace of mind with its numerous automated functions and calculations. All hours are calculated and totaled automatically by our software so you can be certain that the small calculations on your employees' timesheets are accurate. We'll also help improve the consistency and timeliness of your company's timesheet submissions, as ClickTime will automatically notify employees with late or incomplete timesheets by email. Learn More

ClickTime's DCAA/Audit Trail Module automatically tracks all edits made to your timesheets, ensuring that your company can easily maintain full data integrity and follow strict DCAA requirements. Rather than spending unnecessary time worrying about the small details on your employees' timesheets, allow yourself to focus more on managing your business by joining ClickTime!


Review and Analyze Monthly Timesheets

In addition to consolidating your monthly time tracking data, ClickTime also provides exceptional tools for reviewing data. Start your ClickTime free trial now to gain access to over 40 pre-loaded professional reports that allow you to review your time-tracking data in clear and comprehensible ways. Learn More

ClickTime provides you with the Resource Planning grid to help you look at all of your month's data critically by employee and project, and allow you to set employee and project billing goals to improve productivity through better project management. Use Resource Planning to stay on top of your budgets and allocated work hours, and to plan for the months ahead. Start your ClickTime free trial to begin optimizing your business' performance today!


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Weekly Timesheet

No need to waste time and energy creating your own weekly timesheet on Excel. Download ClickTime's Week View Timesheet template for free and start recording your time on Excel right away.

Free Resource Planning Template

Plan Employee Time in Excel — without Resource Management Software!


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