The Secrets to Running — Not Just Starting — a Successful Consulting Business

Browse the internets, and you’ll find a ton of advice on how to start your own consulting firm. Site after site will tell you how easy it is to go it alone, leave your job, and fulfill your dreams.

This isn't one of those posts.

Why not? Well, what many of these “advice” sites don’t say is this: getting the first few clients is the easy part. The hard part is...

Why Nonprofits Should Track Time

No one ever said running a nonprofit is easy. There are endless rules and regulations, a near-constant battle for funding, and significant pressure to simultaneously reduce overhead costs and recruit top talent.

Sound stressful? It can be! But as any nonprofit veteran will tell you, doing work on behalf of those in need — and helping to champion a cause you hold dear — is one of the most important and fulfilling ways to spend one’s days (and occasionally,...

New Budget Models Now Available in Project Insights

We're happy to announce two feature updates to our Project Insights budgeting tool. You can now select two new types of budget models: budgeting by person or budgeting by person by task. Both of these budgeting models are ideal if you have employees with different billing rates working together on a project.

Budgeting By Person

With this feature, you can create a budget based on the estimated costs of the employees working on the...

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