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    LightPole: Oceans Apart

    LightPole had its corporate headquarters in San Francisco and development center in China. How did ClickTime help bridge the 6,000 mile gap and keep LightPole competitive?

    The Challenge

    With its corporate headquarters in San Francisco and development center in China, Lightpole found it difficult to sync development time and processes. Lightpole's developers were an ocean and 15 hours apart, so Lightpole needed a solution that could keep the main offices consistently up-to-date with the development processes in China.

    "When someone is away from the office, the question becomes the same for someone a block away and someone 12,000 miles away—can you get their time, can you get it accurately, and can you get it on time so that you can do your reporting and payroll," says Marcus V. Colombano, Chief Marketing Officer.

    The Solution

    Colombano, who had previously used ClickTime at a different company, introduced it to LightPole. "Personally I've been using ClickTime for nine years now. It is extremely easy to use and I really appreciate the level of detail in the reports that it can generate," says Colombano.

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