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    Merlin RAMCo Returns to Using ClickTime's Cost-Effective Solution

    Merlin RAMCo needed a tightly integrated time and expense tracking solution with strong reporting and export options. They found their best and most cost-effective solution in ClickTime.

    Merlin RAMCo's Story

    Jeanette Hall, Accounting Manager at Merlin RAMCo recently wrote to us about her company's transition to payroll bundled software — and their subsequent return to ClickTime Web Timesheet:

    "We were happily using ClickTime to track our time and expenses for 3 years, but we discovered that our payroll software also provided time and expense tracking services. We figured it'd be easy to change to the all-in-one solution. The bundled payroll software proved to be inconvenient and not as simple as we thought.

    ClickTime's robust reporting options had always been impressive. We could run reports by job, person, or task to fit our needs—and we were always free to create our own. Sadly, our new payroll software didn't have many of these reporting options, let alone the ability to dynamically generate custom reports!

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