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    Painless Time and Expense Tracking

    ClickTime is the easiest way for users to record timesheet information and track expenses. ClickTime can be readily accessed from any supported browser, so time and expense tracking is painless.

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    No more late employee timesheets with Automatic Timesheet Reminders!

    Faster, more accurate time entry by employees means more productive employees and less paperwork. ClickTime eliminates timesheet errors, user confusion, and lengthy training requirements for painless time tracking:


    "Our employees genuinely preferred ClickTime. Time entry in ClickTime is intuitive and easy, and our employees really liked ClickTime's expense entry interface. The expense approval process made reimbursements quick and simple."

    — Jeanette Hall, Accounting Manager


    Whether you're a decision maker, manager, or user, there's plenty ClickTime can offer you. ClickTime provides countless benefits for any role.


    Need help using ClickTime? Browse our frequently asked questions for helpful tips and advice about using our simple, easy-to use time and expense tracking software.

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