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    Decision Maker Benefits

    ClickTime Timesheets Save You Money.

    From saving valuable employee time to gaining visibility into your business decisions, our web timesheet system more than pays for itself within the first month of use.

    Fortune 500

    ClickTime is Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies and Small Businesses

    ClickTime offers extraordinary value for the business decision-maker:

    • In billable environments, ClickTime tracks billable time faster, which means faster invoicing and collections.
    • In enterprises focused on cost-allocation, ClickTime quickly shows how much labor is being dedicated to various projects. Add our Advanced Estimation module and gain up-to-the-second estimate vs actual analysis.
    • A lightweight desktop application is available for both Windows and Mac.
    • ClickTime increases employee productivity by making time tracking easy and fast.
    • For businesses that are growing, merging, or being acquired, ClickTime scales from 10 to 100 to 1000 users without expensive hardware or software replacements.
    • ClickTime is affordable with no large upfront expense. Click for a full description of our pricing.


    "While it took no time to get going on ClickTime, ClickTime captures all of the time that our employees spend servicing our clients and developing our firm. ClickTime to us is not just timesheet software. Thanks to ClickTime's sophisticated yet simple reporting and integration, it is an information source that helps us run our firm."

    — Daniel Katzki, CFO, Horn Group

    Benefits for Users

    Track time, submit timesheets, and report expenses easily from any location. See the many other benefits ClickTime can provide for users.

    Professional Services

    Web-based timesheet solution for tracking time on the internet with an optional desktop application. ClickTime Web Timesheet is the easiest way to track employee time and manage projects.

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