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Manually track time with ClickTime's free Excel templates

ClickTime Web Timesheet—an award-winning time tracking solution—is the timesheet management tool of choice for thousands of companies worldwide. Get your free, downloadable Excel time tracking templates from the timesheet experts.

ClickTime Seamlessly Integrates with Excel

If you prefer analyzing data in Excel, but find it tedious to use for time tracking, ClickTime Web Timesheet was made for you. ClickTime's Excel linking feature allows you to securely sync your Excel spreadsheet with up-to-the-minute timesheet data. You can create a customized report once, save it, and have ClickTime continuously and automatically update the data for you. Getting the data you need, in the format you want, is effortless with ClickTime!

Learn Timesheet Best Practices with ClickTime

ClickTime provides numerous resources to help our customers adopt timesheet best practices and boost the precision and efficiency of their timekeeping. Visit ClickTime's datasheets and white papers page to find informational material most relevant to your situation—from a white paper about the importance of electronic time tracking to an ROI analysis of ClickTime—and much more!

Free Excel Timesheet Templates

ClickTime offers free templates for three different types of pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Manually track your employees' pay by specifying wage rates to accurately calculate total pay. Download free templates and start tracking time today.

Our web-based timesheet can integrate with QuickBooks® or any in-house accounting system.


Track worked time for an entire week. Enter time against specific tasks to see what your employees have worked on. Input wage rates to calculate total pay for the week. ClickTime's timesheet template is printer-friendly, allowing you to maintain hard copies of your company's time records. Learn More

Our professional services team can integrate almost any payroll application with ClickTime's software.


If your company uses a bi-weekly pay period, this useful template will allow you to break each day down into specific tasks. View totals for each week and easily calculate total pay by designating wage rates. Simply enter an end date for your pay period and our timesheet will automatically update every date within the two-week period. Learn More

Our professional services team can integrate almost any payroll application with ClickTime's software.


ClickTime's monthly timesheet template allows users to track time for each day of the month. The option to add overtime hours and rates allows for accurate pay calculations. Record and view time for an entire month, all on one free spreadsheet. Learn More